Address   FENRA AB
    Hollywoodvägen 105
    SE-192 77 SOLLENTUNA
Phone   +46 (0)8 754 54 17
Mobile   +46 (0)76 780 42 20







Fenra AB is a Swedish company located in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm and primarily we develop and market hydrocyclone systems for the pulp and paper industry worldwide. To a certain extent the company is also acting as a consultant regarding hydrocyclone applications.


The background of this company is described under the headline “History of Fenra”.


For more detailed information about our equipment and their usage we refer to the headline “Products and Applications”.


Please note that apart from hydrocyclone there are different names of this product in the business – centrifugal cleaner, centricleaner or simply cleaner.


Due to our long experience in the business we dare say that no separation matter related to hydocyclones is unknown to us and we will do our utmost to solve your specific problem.